SMP Corp | Research • Concept • UI • UX • Visual • 6 Weeks

I interned at SMP Corp briefly under their marketing department. I was tasked to redesign their mobile app while helping with the Marketing team with promotion material, managing the website, and writing news articles.

All the icons shown were created in Illustrator and the final designs in Photoshop.

I was also tasked to build it. However, due to a shift in management, the project was cancelled and its design remains unfinished.

**All images and information here belong to SMP Corp.

Big Gay Ice Cream | Research • UI • UX • Visual • 10 Weeks

The project was to design an app for a brand that does not yet have a strong mobile presence. We learned the iOS, Android, and Windows mobile guidelines in tandem. I went through several iterations for each platform.

Kodak Collections & Creations (KC2) | Research • UI • UX • Visual

I contracted at Kodak Alaris and helped with the desktop application Kodak Collections and Creations (KC2). I helped with the visual and UI/UX design as well as some prototyping with

Here is the flow of the KC2 Price Sheets. Here are the screens of the UI Settings. Here are the Panels and Popups. Here is the prototype for a navigation system. Here is the Storefront.

**All images and design work associated here belong to Kodak Alaris.

Prompt | Research • Concept • UI • UX • Visual • Front-End Development • 10 Weeks

Prompt is a web application aimed at writers looking for creative prompts. It offers visual prompts through imagery and text; it also offers prompts through music. Prompt also tracks the amount of prompts used and the number of words written by users.

This idea comes from personal experience when I try to write something creatively. I find myself demotivated to sit myself down and just write even though I have scenes going through my head. This idea is something I plan on going further in my own time and I have plans to expand what I currently have.

For the prototype, I decided to create a front-end piece. I ran into a lot of challenges, but it was a lot of fun trying to take what I've designed and coding it.

Download the deck or check out the prototype.

RIT CIAS Giving | Research • UX • Visual • Prototype • 5 Weeks

We were given the task to redesign RIT's donation page and process. RIT alumni are happy to give back to the programs that helped them. However, the process to do so is arduous and confusing. It is hard for them to see where their money is going and who it is helping.

The goal of the redesign is to focus on the individual colleges. The information is targetted towards alumni from the respective colleges, providing the information they care about and getting them to donate. The donate process is simplified and streamlined to make it easy to donate.

Download the deck or check out the Invision prototype.

Bitness | Project Manager • Research • Concept • UI • UX • MOTION GRAPHICS• 15 WEEKS

For our senior capstone project, we are placed in a team of designers and developers. Our direction for this year was to consider retail, the interaction between large display and small screen, provide personal experiences, and leverage data.

Our team came up with Bitness and focused on the the corporate gym setting. We want to empower employees to go to the gym as a team, build relationships with each other, and stay happy and health-conscious. To do this, we will incorporate an interactive mirror, wearables, and a web/mobile app.

You can view our current deck here.

We presented our proof of concept at ImagineRIT on May 2, 2015. We geared it for our audience: family with children. Anyone of any age could join and have fun. Check out our blog and github repository!

Greatest Hotels | Branding • Research • UI • UX • Visual • 10 Weeks

For our GUI class, the client wanted a gallery website to showcase high-end hotels. GreatestHotels bridges the gap between customer and hotels by using Google Business Photos to create a virtual tour.

After identifying the wants and needs of the client, I surveyed users to understand their wants and needs. After initial wireframes and user testing, wireframes went through another iteration. Greatest Hotels had to be branded and it is incorporated into the final designs.

Download the complete deck, comps, and wireframes.

Mobile Guidelines Infographic | Research • Concept • Visual

I read through the mobile guidelines for iOS, Android, and Windows. The task was to design an infographic poster that would help designers understand each platform.

Download the infographic here.

Popular Productions | Motion Graphics • 4 Days

I was contacted by Ident Group to animate the logo for Popular Productions-- one of their flagship clients, the leading non-scripted TV casting company in the industry.